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Hello, my name is Blackie & Idumbe!


More about me

Male (Large). Labrador. Adult - DOB: January 2010.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 083 235 5362

Two wonderful family dogs need a home, the family are emigrating end December 2017

Blackie is a former Burrows Rescue dog.  He is an exceptionally special gentle boy.
Blackie came to Burrows Rescue when his former owner went into a retirement home.  Blackie is a DREAM with children, they can hug him etc, and he doesn’t mind all that attention.  He is also good with other dogs.
Blackie is is a seven-year old cross collie, Labrador and kindness. His only request in life is to be friends with all the people. He loves company and wants nothing more than his people to spend time with him. Blackie is the perfect friend for a family with young children. He is endlessly patient, and loves being petted and cuddled. When he’s had enough attention from the littles, he just gets up and walks away. Blackie gets a little nervous during violent storms, during these storms he likes to be especially close to people.
Blackie Blackie1
Idumbe is a German shepherd. She is an 11-year old lady who enjoys her quiet time. She’s quite introverted and prefers to watch things from a quiet shady spot as opposed to getting involved. Idumbe takes a little while to warm up to new people but once you’ve gained her trust, she’s a friend for life! Storms don’t bother her. Idumbe was sterilized when we got her as a puppy from the AACL in the south of Johannesburg.  She is excellent with cats (grew up with them) and children, but she doesn’t enjoy the huggy kissy type attention from children.

Idumbe Idumbe1

Both dogs are in very good health and are not fussy eaters. Vaccinations will be brought up to date next week according to the owners.
Both dogs are sterilised and Blackie is microchipped. (don’t know about the shepherd being microchipped).

The dogs DON’T have to be rehomed together, they can be homed separately.

If you can assist, please contact me on 083 235 5362 or