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Hello, my name is BOKKIE!


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More about me

Female (Small). Jack Russel Blend. Senior - DOB: 2010.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

Once upon a time in the mountains of Hennops, there was a little girl called Bokkie. She lived happily with her little friend Bully.
Her life was turned upside down one day, when her family sold the farm to move to a retirement home and Bokkie and Bully found themselves homeless.

Luckily for Bokkie and Bully the new owners of their farm were DogtownSA so they took them into their care. But times were different, they no longer had the 50 acres to roam freely they now had their own little garden with lots of new doggie neighbours.

Lots of people came to visit them and they loved all the cuddles from the people they called the Townies.
One day a family came long and fell in love with Bully, Bokkie was very happy for her brother to have a home of his own but she was sad to be left by her best friend.

The Dogtown peeps, put an advert out in the Dogtown Classifieds letting the dogs of Dogtown know that Bokkie was looking for a new roomie.
There were lots of application but Bokkie struggled to find her perfect friend. That was until a handsome boy called Spartacus came along and it was love at first sight for Bokkie.

So Spartacus moved in and our Bokkie got back her spring in her step, she was such a happy little furkid.
Then, with much excitement and fanfare. A family came and fell in love with Bokkie and it was her turn to leave the town of dogs, every one of the townies were so happy to see our girl finally have a home of her own. However it turned out to be only for a short time as Bokkies new siblings decided they were not happy with a new roomie. So sadly Bokkie had to pack her bags and move back to Dogtown.

Her frown was turned upside down, when she saw her handsome Spartacus waiting for her. They played and played and shared stories of all the events that had happened while they were apart.

Life was starting to feel great for our little Bokkie again. Even though she didn’t have a home of her own, she still got to explore her farm on walks with her handsome Spartacus. In Bokkie’s eyes it was the next best thing.

Months passed and Spartacus and Bokkie continued to enjoy their time together when a family came along to look for a new fur kid they loved Spartacus, which Bokkie understood, how could they not love him. What Bokkie didn’t realise, was that she was going to have to say goodbye to another one of her friends and would once again be living the single life, which frankly she didn’t care too much for.

So here is where our story’s ending depends on you reading this today.
Could we make Bokkie’s tale have a happy ever after in a loving home with a loving family ?

Or do we begin to search for another roomie for Bokkie here at Dogtown.
Im sure you all know which ending Bokkie would prefer, so if you are in search of a special mature girl to love and cherish for the rest of her life, please contact our fairytale-ending manager at and lets make Bokkie’s dream come true.

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Bullie & Bokkie-1 Bullie & Bokkie-7  IMG_3022