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Hello, my name is BOKKIE!


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Teresa Serrano, Jeanne Olivier, John Bowen, Riaan Pietersen

More about me

Female (Small). Jack Russel Blend. senior (DOB: 2010).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

My name is Bokkie and my fur-beau Bully and I came to live at this suuupppper dooppper hotel DogtownSA when our family moved from their very large home into a small retirement village and unfortunately for us, we were not allowed to go with them. We realized there was going to be a huge change in our lives, as not many places will take on such charismatic Jack Russells with a zest to run around and play. Bully has been very lucky as recently a family came to look for a “littlie” and he was just what they were looking for. I must admit at first I was very sad to see him go but knowing he has gone to such a super family I am very happy for him. Luckily for me because DogtownSA is such a really “special” place they quickly made arrangements for me to start meeting up with some of the other residents and I began to meet some rather handsome potential beaus. I have had lots of “playdates” and must admit there have been a few that are rather outstanding to say the least!!! My special caregivers have realized that I do have preferences and at the moment I am living with another little furry called “Little George”. I do tend to get a little feisty with him on occasions as he interrupts me at times when I am eyeing up the dogs going passed our gate on their walks – cos a “girl” has to keep her options open hehehehe. Also he is still rather nervous of going out on the walks with our super caregivers and volunteers and I do tell him what fun he is missing out on but I know he just needs a little longer to get his confidence back.

So at the moment when I go out without him I get a chance to meet up with some of the other furries and get to keep up with the gossip of the centre. What often happens as well is that our caregivers and volunteers take us to the play area where we can romp around and experience sooooooooo many different smells and scents off lead. You see I do have a lot of energy and tend to want to get there a bit too fast at times but then I get a gentle reminder from my carer that this is not the best way to behave in front of a “cool” furry so I quickly get back in line. Even though I have all these great meets and greets I would dearly like to find my own forever home where I could be part of a loving family with your special furkid and we could have endless days of fun and happiness and go on as many walks and outings as you want to go on.

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Bullie & Bokkie-1 Bullie & Bokkie-7  IMG_3022

I am good with:

dogs, children, domestics