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Hello, my name is BROWNIE!

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Chris and Sanet Wilcock

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Male (Large). Boerboel blend. adult (DOB: 2014).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979 (office hours)

Are you ready cos heeeere I am! Brownie is my name and I am a “seriously” charismatic furry. (hehehe) I bet if you came and met me you would see I am just what you are looking for to complete your family. I am ready and extremely willing to go out with you walking, running anything you want to do at the click of a lead (hehehehe) and stay by your side 24/7. On days when you may just want to relax and chill or maybe watch a movie or two – weeellll that is also fine by me . We can do all these things together. I am your forever “furry”. Anyway let me tell you a little about myself so that you will want to make a plan to come and meet me and – paws crossed – fall head over heels in love with me !!!!!

I have to admit that I consider myself really lucky when I got the opportunity of a place at this suupper duupper five star “pad” called Dogtown. I honestly couldn’t believe it and on the day I arrived I was taken to a rather “posh” run with a little house and garden and the house was filled with lots of warm fluffy blankets and toys. As I was settling in and getting to know my neighbours one of the peeps that cares for us furries came and gave me a big kong filled with peanut butter to chew on. How yummy is that. In my little garden was a smart hound sleeper which I could lie on and either doze in the sun if I wanted to or just lie and chew my kong or my other chews. Just the best!!!

As the days came and went I settled into the routine of this hotel and actually realized how safe and secure I was and how good it felt. I have a special carer who comes and spends time with me regularly during the day and most days we go out for great walks. She comes into my garden with a harness and lead and gently puts this on me. At first I didn’t know what was going to happen so was nervous and a wee bit unruly but she is patient and gives me time to settle and when I calm down – off we go. I stop when I want to, sniff, look under bushes and generally have the best of times taking in all the peemail I can find.

Some days I get really so excited on the walking trails and tend to try and take in everything at once so my carer is helping me to learn to slow down and encouraging me to take my time. I am getting much better and what is really brilliant – is when I get it right I get these yummy liver treats. Yipee!!!! In fact it is pretty cool as we get to spend even more time together on these walk which I really do enjoy.

Even though I was getting so spoiled I have to admit I was missing having a fur-friend and having a buddy to play with. Then on one of the walks there was another furkid. A lady called Mandy. We started sniffing each other and she seemed really cool. We began to play and everyone seemed to be very pleased with us both. After that for the next week or so we were put together in a bigger garden with kennels and only separated at night. We played so well that soon we were allowed to live together all day and night so we could even play late into the evening and then chill and fall asleep whilst gazing up at the stars. This was the best and we were both so happy. Then, I am not sure how to put this. but Mandy started to go off me and when I wanted to play she didn’t. She preferred to be on her own.

My carer also saw that my furgirl wanted her space so I moved out and Mandy was happy again. I was very sad but peeps I have to admit this move has been better than I could imagine as I have been able to move to the new Dogtown home. I have the most stunning view and can see mountains all around me. At night I gaze at the moon and stars and drift off into a deep sleep snuggled in my little house. I have cool neighbours and have already been out walking on socials with some of them.

Soon, I have heard on the barking mail, that the walks will become play dates, similar to the dates I had with Mandy and with a bit of luck I will have a friend again and we can be together. At weekends super duper volunteers come and take us furries on some of the brilliant walks and give us more love and cuddles and lots of biscuits!!! Talk about getting spoilt!!!!!

However, without sounding unappreciative I do have one BBIIGG wish to have my very own forever family again and hopefully another furkid or two. So like I said at the start of my story I would love you special peeps out there to come by and meet me and make my dreams come true and take me to be your faithful companion forever.

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I am good with:

dogs, children, domestics