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Hello, my name is Charlie!


More about me

Male (Large). Africanis. Adult - DOB: 2011/2012.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Charlie is a striking brindle boy who is about 6.5 / 7 years old.  He is neutered, vaccinated & dewormed.  He does have minor arthritis in hind left leg causing an occasional limp. He is perfectly healthy though and runs wild without this affecting him.  He is good with children & other dogs (although a few play dates might be needed for everyone to be truly comfortable especially larger dogs).   He is good with domestic staff but barks at strangers, so his current owner always has staff/new people feed him a cookie and pat him – then he is friendly for life!  He will never “go to toilet” in house, and never enters a room unless trained that it is a room permitted to enter.  He knows “give paw”, “Sit”, and will only eat if his owner snaps fingers. He is a dog though so struggles with “Stay” and can get over excited and pretend not to hear calling when its time to leave the park.  He is not scared of storms but if there is a really load crack and he is alone, he may whine and want to join you.

From his current family:

Charlie is a gentle dog. He is very patient, yet energetic. He very quickly becomes the most popular, greeted and talked to animal in any neighbourhood he is introduced to. In fact my wife and I moved into a complex where the gardener hated dogs immensely having had a traumatic experience with a dog in his childhood. David, the gardener avoided Charlie for months, but Charlie found a way to bond and now the two are best of friends –David waters the plants and has his lunch breaks with Charlie – I will never forget how David has been rehabilitated to love dogs thanks to our Charlie.

Charlie loves walks in the park, and meeting new dogs. If he is on leash he might bark at new dogs, but off leash he feels more relaxed and socialises.

He hates water and baths yet he loves to swim in rivers and ponds (as long as all four feet are firm on the ground in the river – he is not much of a swimmer).

He handles injections from the vet easily but gets anxious when the vet tries to clip his claws – I always recommend a muzzle.

He loves to chase ducks and cats, but I don’t think he would know what to do with one if he ever caught it – he is very gentle.

He does not like long drives in a car, and can get car sick, although short drives to the vet or park he handless well.

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