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Hello, my name is Charlie & Eric!


More about me

Male (Small). Domestic. Young-adult - DOB: 2013.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

My father had the two cats for about two years. They were both rescue
kittens who had had a rough start to life. They were adored by my dad
and the rest of our family and used to sleeping in the bed and being
fussed and loved.

They are currently living with the woman who gave them to my dad. She
has a cattery as a business and has bout 16 cats, including Charlie
and Eric living in her enclosed back garden. They are cared for aand
fed but Charlie is not happy. We have been trying to find a new
appartment in Durban to accommodate them but it has not worked out yet
and we feel that it is best to try and find them a loving home in JHB.

They are both about 2 years old, healthy and domesticated. They have
had their shots and have their cat 'passports'. They have annual
check-ups at the Richmomd vet in JHB who knows them well. They are
dewormed and have been strerilized.

They do not have a chip.

Charlie is a friendly and loving cat, easily around people. They are
not used to children but they are both gentle cats. Charlie loves to
cuddle and sleeps on the bed if possible. He does go 'out' at night.
Eric is a strange cat and would need a real cat-lover to have him. He
does not like to be held but is happy to be stroked at times. He likes
to be around people and sits on a lap and likes to sleep on the bed
but he is an unusual kitty! He tries to suck at times as he was taken
away from his mom too young.

The cats are good friends and play well together but Eric is managing
his new home better than Charlie so if we can only find one home for
one cat, Eric is not as much of a concern as Charlie.

Our family locve the cats but as my sister is in Singapore and neither
my mom nor I are allowed pets in oir buildings we think a new home is

They are very scared of brooms  etc as a domestic my
dad had for a short while must have hurt them as they flee as soon as
they see any cleaning equipment. They are fine with most people and
are toilet trained and have healthy appetites.

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