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Hello, my name is Charlie!


More about me

Male (Large). Labrador. Young-adult - DOB: 2014.
I am good with:

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Hi! I’m Charlie, and I’m looking for a very special family, because I’m a very special boy.


I was born blind, about 4 years ago.  My first few years were pretty tough, as nobody really understood what to do with me, and I was left alone a lot.  I became fearful of humans, of touch, of sound, of almost everything and developed severe OCD.  So I spin…in big circles, slow circles, small circles.  Always to the right.  I do it when I’m happy and playful, and when I’m under stress.  I like to call it dancing.


My current family describes me like this:

Charlie is now ~4 years old, and is love personified.  He is a survivor, a champion.  He has learned how to trust after trauma and how to accept love after abuse.  His ability to bond with people is beautiful.


He is amazing with kids, loves his belly rubs and snuggles.  He also likes his alone time. He is a total goofball and makes us laugh everyday.  He doesn’t dig, chew, or jump up. We’re not sure about swimming, but he does like to splash around on the beach.  We’re not sure about cats.


He is fearful of strange dogs and can be nervous while out on walks, but he improves with every walk and with positive reinforcement.  It takes a while for him to build relationships with new dogs.  It is possible; however, it takes patience, care and supervision.  We saw this unfold over the course of 4-5 days with a foster, after which time they became good friends and playmates.

As he starts the next chapter in his journey, the ideal family for him would have:

  • Lots of patience, compassion, understanding, acceptance and love
  • Experience with Labradors
  • Experience in training
  • Someone at home for most of the day
  • Someone willing to work with him and Lab Rescue’s animal behaviourist if required
  • An established settled household
  • An easy going playmate

He’s a unique soul with unique needs, unlike any dog I’ve ever met. Every moment I have spent with this boy has made me a better person. He’s taught me a level of patience, compassion, empathy and love I did not know before. He’s shown me different is just that, different – not better, not worse. (Charlie is an inside sleeper, house-trained, neutered, microchipped and up to date on all his vaccinations.)

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