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Hello, my name is Cheeky Chops!


More about me

Female (Small). Jack Russell. Senior - DOB: .

Shelter: (Eastern-Cape)

Dear Animal Lovers, Carers, and Owners

Today, I am appealing to your sense of RIGHT, to the softest part of your gentle heart.

Cheeky Chops’ Mom lost her partner and breadwinner in a tragic accident and her whole life has been turned upside down. She has to find a home for little Cheeky.

I will let Mom, Carmen, tell you all about Cheeky in her own words:

“She’s 10 years old, all vaccs up to date.. (Lorraine Vet) spayed from age 2 or 3… Jackrussel x sausage. healthy, good weight, well looked after

as her name indicates, she’s cheeky so doesnt do too well with other dogs.. does get on with male dogs (gives them uphill sometimes) for some reason she discriminates against German Shepards and Boerbulls…

excellent with kids, doesn’t nip even at the food bowl (even though i still stop my little ones from and this… she is very forgiving..) my baby (2years old) pulls her ears & hair when given half a chance and Choppy still doesn’t respond.

Choppy aka Cheeky loves going for car drives, well behaved in the car (not bakkie) well disciplined and intelligent so still learns new things daily… she LOVES adverture.. going for hikes, swimming in sea, generally just being with you.. for a long time i only had her and would go everywhere with me, even to braai’s… shes a super little size to cart around as well… short like a sausage and size of jackie. She’s a stay inside dog and also sleeps out without hassle…(she barks a lot if she can see through a gate, otherwise if no street view she’s quiet) very compliant to sleep next to you 😉 and she follows around like a Venter trailer… needs to be a companion and to have one. doesnt do well alone during the day (she used to howl when alone while i was at work.. this is why I had gotten a boy Jack russel to keep her company)

She “whistles” at cats.. high pitched… doesn’t like my one cat because the cat always growls/hisses at her… but the other cat she’s fine with because the cat doesn’t make a fuss… so it really depends on the cat.

I need to find her a home by March.”

You may contact Carmen direct on 072 226 9151. When you meet Cheeky, you will fall in love. Carmen will then contact me to assist with a premises check.