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Hello, my name is CHRISTINE!


More about me

Female (Large). Africanis Blend. adult (DOB: 2012).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979 (office hours)

Hi townies! My name’s Christine and I’m a newbie here at Dogtown. I’m named after Christine McVie, the singer from Fleetwood Mac. Do you know that she real name is actually Christine Anne Perfect? It’s no coincidence then that we share the same name because there’s really no denying how perfect I am :)

I arrived at my current residence with 3 boys in tow – yes I’m that irresistible 😉 we were all just wandering around when we suddenly came across a beautiful place filled with unbelievable sights, sounds and smells. At first I thought that it was a ‘mirage’ because surely places like this do not exist for girls like me! But as we were all ushered into the Dogtown Hotel, I knew that I had finally found paradise.

My Mr. Wonderful, Stevie and I promptly moved into our plush new digs and we are now lucky enough to enjoys the delights that all the other fur-kids here are used too – long, leisurely walks, yummy deliciousness and the best things of all – love and cuddles all day long :) I’m really good with all kinds of people and make friends quite easily. I also absolutely adore it when I can just lay my head on your lap and pass the time away. I do understand that I can’t actually fit my entire body on your lap but it’s so much fun trying :)

I am now waiting for you to come and adopt me. Can you hear me calling out your name? You better make a start before you break my heart! Oh I want to be with you everywhere! And once you meet me, you’ll never want us to be apart! So come on! I’ll be counting the minutes before I get to meet you!

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I am good with:

dogs, domestics