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Hello, my name is Cody & Thor!


More about me

Male (Medium). Spaniel. Adult - DOB: 2010 & 2016.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Thor – 8 year old Alsation – rescue.  He is a bit skittish and absolutely loves talking – he does not stop – just too cute.  He is an amazing watch dog and is very protective of his family.  He loves water – doesn’t swim – but loves playing with the hose pipe and being splashed when you are in the pool. He is amazing with children and has a very special bond with my son.
Cody – 2 year old cross cocker spaniel/golden retriever.  A gorgeous looking thing – always has a sad look on his face – as most cocker spaniels do – but is such a happy energetic little guy.  He LOVES the water – swims rain or shine, freezing or scorching weather.  Cody is in the pool.  Also amazing watch dog and absolutely loves children.
Both of them just love attention.  They are very close and play very well together.  Cody should be fine with other dogs, but I really am not too sure how Thor would be.  There are no guarantees on either.
Cody is medium size.
Thor is large.
Both are males and both have been sterilised, dewormed, vaccinated and are both very healthy.  Both have been chipped.
Both are house trained.
Have not been to obedience training – but do obey general commands.
Cody is better on a leash than Thor is – Thor really doesn’t like them much.
I do not mind if they are homed in another province – just really not too sure how they will travel as they both start to hyperventilate when travelling in a vehicle. (one of the reasons we are not taking them with us overseas)  We are located in Edenvale, Johannesburg.
I would prefer them to be together.
Both are good with children and love my domestic – do not like my garden boy at all.
Cody is a little scared of storms – shakes a bit, but he is fine.
They are being homed due to emigration.