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Hello, my name is CROSBY!


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Lauren van der Merwe

More about me

Male (Large). Rottweiler Blend. Senior - DOB: 2008.
I am good with:
Dogs, Domestics

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

You know that really cool guy who spent years being a Raider of the Lost Dustbin, and is a little more “mature” now, but still handsome and tough? Yeah, that’s me. Harrison “Crosby” Rottyford. I have a suave and sexy way about me that has all the girl dogs (and even some cats) just swooning when I walk past. I don’t even bother to sniff them sometimes because….well…. I don’t have to.

My life has been full of adventure!

I may have spent some of my earlier years travelling the streets in search of the legendary dog treasure – the Lost Cavern of Canine Chews, but I was no fighter – not a scar on me. Sometimes you can win a fight without even standing up!!

If you are REALLY famous explorer like me, you don’t get too much hassle anyway. I am a calm and sensible fellow and just get on with my business of hunting for treasure and upping my list of admirers. Right now, I have a younger chap who is kind of following me around to learn how to be so super cool. He is ok. He learns fast so I let him stay around. He is foreign, and can’t really speak Englidog so we just call him “Digit” and use paw signals a lot.

I had some humans who liked me a lot and fed me and things like that, but we had to part ways – well you know – a travelling man has to go sometime……. And now I am at the magical city of DogTown (yes – it DOES exist and is not just a dog rumour! Food everywhere, treats galore, beds, toys……it is just as in the tales we all hear). Being an explorer – I am here searching for the elusive and mythical buried giant rawhide store – The Lost Cavern of Chews is REAL. Legend has it that there is an underground passage leading to an endless and bountiful supply of the tastiest chews you have ever imagined. I have part of the map and have already signed up several digging enthusiasts to help with excavations. I wouldn’t dig myself these days, its WAY below me…….

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