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Hello, my name is Daisy & Flynn!


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Male-Female (Small). Domestic. Under-1 - DOB: April 2018.

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Daisy and Flynn are 4-months-old and have both been sterilised, vaccinated and are microchipped.  They are brother and sister and are deeply attached so would definitely need to be homed together.  They have not been exposed to other cats or dogs, but are extremely playful with humans.
Daisy is a Calico with an amazing pattern and a beautiful personality…very docile by nature.  She is a bit shy…she tends to hide when meeting other humans for the first time.  She is very lovable and can easily be handled…she is generally very calm when picked up.  She loves to be caressed…it is very hard to resist her innocent gaze and her soft fur.  She has never been exposed to dogs…the only dog encounter happened earlier this week when we took her to the vet to have her stitches removed.  She was calm although a bit tense.  She is very friendly and lovable!  She knows her name.
Flynn is the Tuxedo…a little playful Panda!  He is the most curious and fearless little one that I have ever met.  He will play with anything…a little piece of paper on the floor is good enough to amuse him.  On several occasions when we have had friends over, he went to them, sniffed all their belongings and went to them for hugs and caresses.  He loves to play outside.  He is fascinated by the washing machine and loves to chase flies.  He doesn’t like to be in the car and he tends to stress when taken out of his familiar environment.  He loves to come and sleep in my lap when I’m working.  He also makes a very adorable chirp, almost like a bird.  He hasn’t been exposed to dogs so we don’t know how he would react.
They are great companions, they never fight, never scratched us and they never broke anything in the house.  I think that they will be great with children if the children will treat them properly.  We have had them for 4 months now and have enjoyed them very much.  Even my husband, despite his allergy, still plays with them and let’s them sleep on his legs or lap.  They’re already part of the family, that’s why it’s hard to have to rehome them and we want to make sure they will stay together and the new family will love them just as much as we do.  We are currently living in Table View and are hoping to have them settled in their new home by the 25th August 2018.