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Hello, my name is DIGIT!


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Tracy Kotze, Jennie Moran

More about me

Male (Medium). Shepherd blend. Adult - DOB: 2008.
I am good with:
Dogs, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

I cant believe my luck. My life wasn’t going too well. Got mixed up with the wrong crowd. There was a lot of crazy stuff happening, way too much free love – and of course that leads to fighting and puppies, doggie divorce, court battles…..oh it is just awful! I was not really happy at all. All the humans I met were mean to me – they eventually moved and I was left behind and about to meet with a rather unpleasant end….or at least that is what I heard from the other dogs.

For a long time, I tried to hide away from the people who wanted to catch me, but I was eventually tricked and caught. I was NOT impressed at the time and fought back (to be honest I was just scared because I don’t really speak the language here yet and I didn’t know what was happening – but I don’t tell everyone that). I thought my life was over.

But, the next thing I know, I am in luxury digs at DogTown, working under one of the most famous and amazing dogs ever – Harrison “Crosby” Rottyford. He has taught me SO much it is really like I have stumbled onto the best life ever. Every day when I wake up I feel happier than I did the day before.

I really did NOT like humans at all, they were a warning sign to just run away. First I met Picane, who I like a lot, he took me for a few walks and helped me find out where to sleep at night when I first came.

Then I found out about liver bread. I think this may be some kind of drug, but I don’t care – it is AWESOME. I learnt that I can take it straight out of a humans hand and not even get into trouble. I couldn’t believe this at first. They tried to give me other stuff to eat, but I am nobody’s fool……then, they tried the LIVER BREAD……sigh……I am hopelessly addicted.

Its really just the most amazing stuff….so tasty, smells great……awesome texture……sorry I am getting carried away…..

ok, so here I am. Living at DogTown, working as an apprentice to the best and coolest dog ever, on this magical adventure – we are digging for buried treasure, and I get to supervise, I don’t even have to get ONE paw dirty. Love it!

My life is pretty great now. I get food all the time (how cool is THAT?) and I get to learn things like brain toys – that’s like the internet for dogs……and I get to eat liver bread AS OFTEN AS I LIKE – whenever there is a human around..…. I truly have it all – adventure, luck, love and LIVER BREAD.

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