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Hello, my name is Ebony!

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More about me

Female (Large). Border. Young-adult - DOB: January 2014.
I am good with:
Dogs, Cats, Children

Shelter: (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

Ebony is a doggie that we got involved with in 2015, having her spayed. She is now just under 3 years young.

Her owner could however not keep her in the  yard, she was stolen once, but found, then given to another family who
is really NOT taking good care of her and also cannot keep her safe, so she “commutes” to her old owner during the night, who gives her food and then she travels a hell of a distance back again to her new home.

Old owner (in the pics) phoned me this morning to say it’s been weeks now that Ebony has been limping and asked me if I cannot find a safe home for her, as she is clearly underfed, very dirty, and it’s not safe for her to travel this distance daily in the township. The new owners tied her up at first to keep her from wondering, but old owner told them not to.  And I agree, better to get run over by a car than spend your life tied up and being starved.

So we will have the limp checked out, but do want to remove her asap. I think there is most likely border collie in her mix?
She is a beautiful dog. Dog, cat and child friendly.

If you can help, please contact 072 1762 175 or

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