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Hello, my name is Foxi Girl!

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Female (Small). Fox terrier. Adult - DOB: unknown .

Shelter: C.S.I (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

This little adult foxi girl has been roaming the streets near Union High School for weeks now.

She begs food from the school kids. We don’t know if she has a home or where she came from.

We have been contacted by one of the teachers to either try and find her owner, or take her off

the street if she is not claimed. Apparently not sterilised, no collar or ID tag as usual.

And also as usual: if we were to collect her, WHERE DO WE TAKE HER??? Always the same one or 2

people offering to foster who’s homes are overflowing with dogs and who REALLY CAN NOT take in

another one. If we leave her on the street, she might get run over by a car and most likely fall pregnant.

Always our biggest head ache, finding a foster home, to temporarily look after a doggie, whilst we search

for a ‘forever’ home. Vet fees will be covered by CSI;  and also food if necessary.


TRULY just so g*tvol of people who have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER with their dogs roaming the street,

without any ID’s and having other people who truly care about animals, worried sick about their dogs, who

they apparently don’t give a sh*t whether they get stolen, run over etc etc etc …  Excuse my French, just how

I feel each time I get contacted about a “cared for stray”, in the street without any identification. To simply

feed your dog, IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE CALLED A RESPONSIBLE OWNER!! Preaching to the converted again, I know.

If you recognise this doggie and know who she belongs to, please let us know. If you can offer her a home

or foster home, please contact us on 072 1762 175 or