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Hello, my name is GABBI!


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Lynne Manderson

More about me

Female (Medium). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: 2012.
I am good with:
Children, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Just the other day as I was walking through the Dogtown pathways, I noticed all these furkids either playing or chilling with their roomies. It looked like they were having a ball of a time and I must admit that it made me a little envious because I lived alone. Feeling a bit dejected, I went back to my house and lay on my porch wondering what it would be like to have a furry companion. While lying there, I started noticing other things (worrying things I must add) – toy stealing; bickering and quarrelling; treats being stolen in view for all to see, snitching to caregivers and monopolising precious cuddle time!!

It was then that I decided that being a single lady is the best and only option! Gone were my feelings of sadness and disappointment! I got happier and happier as I thought about all the benefits of being an only furchild – undivided love and attention, no sibling rivalry, having the whole back seat to myself on family road trips, never having to share my bed if I didn’t want to and no matter what mischief I get up to, I’d always the favourite child :) I bet all those other pooches couldn’t say any of that!

Having all my caregiver’s attention means that we have more time to perfect my hidden talents. I’m awesome at following her instructions and for that I am greatly rewarded with hugs and treats. I love playing with my balls which are always where I leave them since there is no one to steal them, going on solo walks with special people who only have eyes for me and there’s nothing better than after-dinner discussions while lounging on my hound sleeper or porch.

Even though I prefer to live without the company of other furries, I love people! Especially people who come to visit me and people like you who will be sending my agent an adoption application asap :) With you around, only doesn’t have to mean lonely! So hurry! I’m waiting to meet you

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