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Hello, my name is GINGER!

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More about me

Female (Medium). Terrier Blend. adult (DOB: 2012).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

They say that Gingers are the best in the world. Don’t they? Well they should. I was born pure ginger too. No hair dye for me. When I was a small puppy I had a home for a while and I cant really remember what happened but I ended up wandering the streets and landed up a vet. I was about to be shipped off to a not so great home apparently, and someone saved me and took me to DogTown.

At first I was a bit afraid but I quickly learnt that the people here are awesome and love tickling my tummy, so I just roll over and command a love whenever I want.

I have a bit of a reputation, as I have had a few boyfriends, one went home and the other one was moved to another section. I then had a cool home, but I learnt how to get out of the house when I was scared or bored and I couldn’t stay there anymore.

So, here I am, back at DogTown, with a NEW man in my life – Max. He is ok. I get to boss him around a lot, which I like, so that’s good.

My favourite things in life are food and love – I am kind of an eat, pray, love girl. Give me a biscuit and a tummy tickle and I will be yours for life.

Don’t think I am a pushover girly girl though. I am clever and love walking and training too. I am a country life lover and enjoy a good swim when I am hot.

The people here at DogTown love me so much, they even gave me a pool of my own.

I like most dogs, but its really people that I love. I am really fond of teenagers, as they are SO much fun and love to play with me.

I enjoy a good chew toy and if you want to send me cool stuff – then send balls, chews and pretty collars

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I am good with:

dogs, children, domestics