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Hello, my name is Greenie!

1. Greenie

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Male (Medium). Africanis. Adult - DOB: unknown .

Shelter: (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

Now we’ve had many a Blackie, Brownie and Whitey in rescue, but a first Greenie.

We were alerted by Greenie’s illness (his private parts swollen) by one of our concerned contacts in the township.

Upon fetching Greenie was told by one of the people residing with the owner, that he considered killing Greenie

with a spade …. O.k. we won’t  even be going into that discussion …

Our suspicion of TVT was confirmed by the Vet, but how can we treat Greenie and send him back to a house of horror?

We cannot. Owner agreed to surrender Greenie.

Greenie is one of the saddest dogs we have ever seen, not so much his condition, but his spirit – like the light has left his eyes.

It took real persuasion for him to even just lift his head. For a moment I pondered the thought if Greenie would not be happier

just being able to leave this hell hole called earth – as he has experienced it. And being pro-life, that is a thought that does not

often cross my mind.

But then the small voice that has the final say, said Greenie deserves to know real love, happiness and BEING A DOG before he

crosses the Rainbow Bridge one day. So without any plan (except to save his life), no prospective home or foster home available,

Greenie was booked to be neutered today.

He is currently at the Vet and we are appealing for a foster home for him – a home offer for permanent home of course first prize.

All Vet expenses covered by CSI whilst in foster care. Should he be offered a permanent home we will cover his Vet Bill until his

treatment is completed.

He is a medium size doggie of 11kg.

Normal adoption procedures will apply.

Contact:  072 1762 175 or