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Male-Female (). Domestic. Young-adult - DOB: 2013 & 2016.

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 0082 377 6077

These lovely cats lived in horrible conditions at a hostel.  Living of scraps and rain water.  They were left to breed and a caring lady came across them when one cat stopped her in the street and asked her to meet the rest.  They were in terrible condition and very thin.  She started to feed them and we tested (all negative for FIV and FELV) and sterilised them all with donations from the public.

The hostel owner agreed they could stay but we had to feed them.  Unfortunately he decided to sell and we had to move all the cats.  From there they moved to a lovely home on a farm but it is now also being sold by the owner and they have to be moved before 1/11/2018.

They are used to sleeping in a cottage and barn so can adapt to living on a farm, but will need a secure and comfortable place to sleep.  They really love their new mom, who is very sad she can’t keep them – they only rented the farm and it was supposed to be a long term lease at a very reasonable price.  The cats so adapted to being loved that they wanted to move into the main house with the family.  Unfortunately their dogs are not cat friendly so it would not work. Joey and Liefie are completely tame.  The other four are a little more scared but will settle once trust has been established.

When the cats are now moved they will have to be kept inside for 2-3 weeks at least to get used to the new area and people – so this needs to be considered as well.  I hope it will be the last move for these babies.  They have been through so much in their short lives, but still just have love to give.

I attach photo’s of the cats and below is some more details.  

Zoey – female, +- 5
Thomas – male, +- 2
Hifiver – female, +- 2
Gesiggie- female, +- 2
Grysie – male, +- 2
Liefie – male +- 2