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Hello, my name is Houston!


More about me

Male (Small). jack russell. young-adult (DOB: 2014).

Adoption details
Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Name:                             Houston

Breed:                             Jack Russel (Cross?)

Colour:                            White / Brown Coat. Amber eyes. Liver Nose.

Sex:                                Male (Sterilized)

Age:                                3 years & 10 months old



General:                          Friendly & busy, House trained. Walks on a leash. Jumps when excited.

Has a tendency to want to dominate/herd. Enjoys water.

People:                           Very friendly & playful, but can be too much for little children (jumping).

Other Animals:               Not aggressive, but very dominant/herding (even towards bigger dogs).

Has not spent any time with cats.

He is being homed due to emigration.


I am good with:

dogs, children