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Hello, my name is Jackson & Mieke!

jackson and mmieke

More about me

Male-Female (Small). Great Dane and Mixed Breed. Under-1 - DOB: 2017.
I am good with:

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Free-State)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Jackson and Mieke are a bonded pair, both 9 months old. Jackson is a male, Great Dane and Mieke is a mixed breed medium female. They are looking for a home, preferably together, by the end of May 2018 as their family needs to travel a lot for work and cannot give them the attention they need. They are very good with humans especially kids! They don’t yet walk on a leash but are both young enough to take easily to training. They love travelling in the car. They have not been exposed to cats, and are okay with other dogs although Mieke can get excitable around small dogs. They are both sterilised and vaccinated and will be microchipped before rehoming.

Jackson: When we take Jackson out, many people are afraid of him because of his size, but he is such a gentle giant. He likes to rub himself up against us like a cat! In the winter, he enjoys hogging the heater or lying in front of the fire. I can signal him to jump up and out his paws on my shoulders. He is a big boy with a really small heart, who gets frightened VERY easily, so must be treated gently. Also, the people that adopt him must be okay with spit—he drools a LOT! But that’s typical of the breed.

Mieke: a beautiful little dog that needs a lot of attention. She is smart and very easily trainable, but the owner must understand that she is a high energy dog. Enjoys riding in the car, putting her head out the window and looking at everything.Mieke is a smart, sweet girl with lots of energy who loves to play. Do not leave any shoes or anything you don’t want chewed unattended around her! She likes having her tummy tickled and shows her affection by licking. She is a very fast runner, and loves being taken for walks in wide open spaces where she can race around.