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Hello, my name is JAKE!


More about me

Male (Small). Jack Russell Blend. Adult - DOB: 2012.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Hi there my name is Jake and I came to Dogtown with my mum Bessie and my sister Millie because our previous owner’s circumstances changed and they were no longer able to keep us. It was very scary for us cos we really had no clue as what was going to happen to us all. So when we were being taken from our home all we could do was put on our bravest faces and pretend to be very courageous. I wanted to be very brave (seeing as I was the fur-boy of our family) so I told Mum (Bessie) and Millie that if we wished and prayed as hard as we could and begged all the stars in the sky for help maybe our wishes would be granted for a safe happy place to live. So altogether we puffed out our little chests hid our shakes and shivers and put our brave faces on.      Weelllllll   guess what our stars were shining on us and all of a sudden this person arrived at the vet practice where we had been dropped off and put us in his vehicle and drove us to this suuper duuper hotel called Dogtown.   On arrival we were taken out of the vehicle and put into a small garden with a great choice of different size kennels and little igloos and each one was full of warm blankets that we could snuggle up into. It was so cool because we could choose which ones we liked and if we wanted to, all cuddle up together and keep each other warm or, if we wanted our own space, we could move around.   I knew this place was going to be really special and gave a huge sigh of relief.   Later our “person” came with great yummy food for us and after we had eaten we snuggled up together in one of the bigger kennels and fell fast asleep.

When I woke up the next morning I had a little panic attack because for one second I thought all the good things that had been happening to me before I fell asleep were actually a dream and that I was back in my nightmare but all was fine. What a relief.   Then the kind person came again with more yummy food and our day just got better and better and more caring peeps came to see us all and chat to us. So our daily routine began. Morning and afternoons we get our yummy food, our blankets are taken out and shaken and then put back later so they are nice and fresh.   Almost every day our carers come and put on smart harnesses and leads and off we go together for our walks.   I had never been able to enjoy going out before and I have to admit that being a weeeeee bit nervous I was a little apprehensive but our carers are so patient and I can walk at the speed that suits me.   Apart from these regular walks we have all sorts of fun times in our run. One of these is when our carer comes in and she has treats in her hands and if I put my “little bum” on the ground she gives me yummy treats. It is just such fun and she gets so excited when I do this quickly and gives me an extra handful of treats.

Yet as happy as we all are we would so love to find our own forever homes where we could be part of someone’s loving family. So if you are looking for one or two or three “littlies” to join your families please come by and meet us at Dogtown – we will be waiting for you !!!

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