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Hello, my name is JERSEY!

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Shane Zurlinden, Andrew Wantling, Gizelle Regel

More about me

Female (Large). Terrier Blend. adult (DOB: March 2013).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

Once in your lifetime if you are lucky enough, you will meet a special someone who will bowl you over and literally make you take a step back – someone like our Jersey girl. Jersey is what you would call an old soul but she is still young in body and mind! She’s also more than you could ever ask for or dream of in a furbaby!

Our Jersey is one for the ages, an angel who hasn’t yet spread her wings. She is really low maintenance – all she needs (apart from a regular showering of kisses) is a dash of sunblock every day to protect her delicate angel wings. She’s known for her charms with the fur-boys and prefers her guys to be laidback and easy-going. She has impeccable etiquette, is genteel and yet vivacious enough to get you off the couch and on an awesome adventure!

Deep inside her is a beautiful thing that is thousands of years old; too old to be captured in poems; too old to be loved by everyone but loved so deeply by a chosen few. She’s a throwback to a time when love didn’t cost a thing but was everything. Her true beauty is reflected in her eyes, eyes that speaks to you and whispers to your soul. If you listen really carefully, you will hear the yearnings of her heart – a yearning for a family, for a forever home, for eternal love.

A momentary glimpse is all that’s needed and we promise that you would have found yourself an everlasting sweetheart. This precious girl is waiting for your visit and for you to take her home with you. So instead of dreaming of angels why not hold one in your arms? Just imagine, any day now, you could be ambling along the cobblestone path singing,

“You know all my dreams come true, when I’m walking down the street with you. Sha la la la I’m in love with a Jersey girl”.

Jersey-1 Jersey-2 Jersey-3 Jersey-6 Phil & Jersey

I am good with:

children, domestics