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Hello, my name is Jock!


More about me

Male (Medium). staffie. young-adult (DOB: 2014).

Adoption details
Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Jock is a gorgeous staffie x sharpei boy who is about 3 years old.  He was rescued very badly neglected but has blossomed into a gorgeous boy.  He does have a skin condition which will require treatment but it is nothing serious.  He is currently overcoming an ear infection.  Very friendly and loving. A strong character. Beautiful face.

Jock is a very loving dog and very gentle. He is great with my kids, is good on a lead and listens when necessary. He is an excellent guard dog (will not bite but certainly can look the part!) As far as his health is concerned, his ears are now fine (infection cleared up with anti-biotic’s) and his skin condition has been treated with 20mg of panafcort a day. His coat is beautiful and he longer scratches unless the med’s are skipped. Obviously this has led to an increased appetite and slight weight gain but I watch what he eats and he has a good high protein diet.

In my personal opinion, I believe he would tolerate cats. He has escaped on various occasions but gives the cats a glance but does not actively chase them as he did when he arrived. Jock also barks at the fence when he sees the other dogs which the tenants are not happy with from a noise perspective.

Ideally, he needs a large garden and must be with other dogs as he is very sociable and loves to play. All our dogs here are female except a make jack russell cross and they play like a house on fire. In his Hoedspruit foster home, there were both sexes and no issues at all.

Jock Jock1 Jock2 Jock

I am good with:

dogs, children, domestics