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Hello, my name is JOJO!


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Angelique Le Roux, Nikki Michaelides

More about me

Female (Medium). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: January 2010.
I am good with:
Children, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

My name is JoJo. My human at Dogtown calls me Joey-Ballerina. Im not entirely sure why, but she seems to like it so I just go with it. After all, everybody loves ballerinas!

I would like to tell you my story, well the short version. When I was a much younger ballerina, I was in a home with another dog. He didnt understand me and we had a few arguments and I guess they drew straws or something but they decided to keep my brother and give me up. So off I went to the doggy shelter. They tried and tried to home me but nobody wanted me and I heard them say my time was up. My heart broke, I really did try to be a good girl but nobody would give me the time to get to know me.

I guess somebody was rooting for me because one human called another human who called another human and the next thing I knew I was on an airplane heading straight for Dogtown (well to the airport and then Dogtown, but you know what I mean). I arrived and I was overwhelmed with love! They didnt know me but they already loved me! I heard them say that there is no such thing as “time up” and my little heart had a huge sigh of relief. This was my chance!!! I am going to make it big here, my family are going to see me and come take me home!

Well that was 5 years ago, I am still here. I am still waiting. My days are great though, my caregiver loves me like a monkey loves bananas. My garden is shaded because my skin is a bit sensitive. I also get a special raw diet to help me with my digestive stuff and to keep my joints and skin healthy. I get the most amazing walks on the mountain you have ever seen! I have loads of energy so my human takes me on extra long walk every day which I simply love! I get cold easy so she dresses me up in sometimes ridiculous looking jackets but never mind that, it keeps me warm and cozy in my house at night.

And while I live in the lap of luxury at Dogtown, I would love to know where my forever family is? Maybe they got a bit side tracked and the timing wasnt right and I know that my perfect forever family will come when the time is right, but can the time be right now already?

I am a bit of a princess and sometimes can get a bit overly excited so my perfect family will consist of only humans, no furkids. (dogs or cats). Trust me, I have more than enough personality to make up for a single furkid home I love love love attention and love to be cuddled so a family where I can be loved and cuddled and tucked in at night would be great! I dont need a huge big garden but I would need somebody who can take me for a walk and be my adventure buddy. That would be kind of awesome!

Im a patient girl universe, just please remember to point my destined family in my direction when the time is right please, I’m not getting any younger you know

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