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Hello, my name is Josie & Panda!


More about me

Male-Female (Small). Domestic. Young-adult - DOB: 2013.
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Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Western-Cape)

My brother has terminal cancer and only has a few months (if that) to live. He will need to go into frail care as soon as possible, but has two cats, a brother and sister, and we would like to try to find a home(s) for them. I know that there are a lot of unwanted cats in the shelters, but it would be wonderful if he could know that they have found homes because they are very much loved. Any help you can give to find them home would be very appreciated. They are about 3 years old. The one is mainly white with back markings (the male, Josie) and the other mainly black with white makings (the female, Panda). Both are healthy and laid back (the female is shy, but the male is very outgoing).

They are indoor – outdoor cats and the stay mainly in the yard and don’t wander far. The male, Josie, is relaxed and friendly and will greet / flirt with strangers. The female, Panda, is shy but very affectionate towards people she knows. Both are sterilised and received their regular vaccinations as kittens, but have not received boosters yet, although they are three years old and may need them by now. They have not been exposed to dogs, but are placid and, in the case of the female, timid, so they get along with the landlord’s chickens and 2 parrots and don’t harass them. They have not been exposed to children and are not particularily close to each other: the male likes to hang out around people, while the female hides out most of the time and only appears when my brother is around … so I think that they could be separated if necessary.

They are currently in the Sunnydale area in Fish Hoek. If anyone interested can please contact me on this email address,, so that I can forward the adoption forms to any prospective adopters.

There is no adoption fee applicable, but strict home checks do apply.