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Hello, my name is JUNO!

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More about me

Male (Medium). Mixed breed. adult (DOB: April 2009).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979 (office hours)

Dorothy and Toto, Tintin and Snowy, Joe and Lassie – inseparable companions and best friends! I once had a best mate too. He was a kind gentleman who came to Dogtown looking for a buddy who he could spend his days and retirement with. We met, we clicked and just like that, I found myself living a life that some would have been envious of! We loved our afternoon walks to the pub, our lazy Sundays in front of the telly – just being in each other’s company really. Things were great and life was even better when suddenly a new person appeared. She was my best friend’s lady companion and she was not fond of me at all. I have no idea why and because I sensed her dislike, I became weary of her. I tried to make her love me but nothing seemed to work :(

One day as I was relaxing, I looked up from my snooze and saw a familiar face. At first I thought that I was still asleep but I soon realised that I was not dreaming and that one of my favourite people from Dogtown had come to visit me! I was so excited to see him but things were not as it seemed. Unbeknownst to anyone, the lady had made arrangements for me to be taken away!! There was no negotiating with her and so, after 3 beautiful years I am back at Dogtown SA.

I have always loved it here because love is never far away but I do long to be back in a home, even if it’s now going to be in a different one. As long as it’s forever this time! I am not too keen on socialising with other furkids but I love human companionship. After everything that I have been through, I do need a little bit of time to come out of my shell at my own pace. I love tummy rubs and soft, bouncy sofas; endless kisses and roast chicken :)

I’m a pretty chilled guy who leads a stress-free life. I don’t require much – just lots of love and someone who will fight for me if ever they are forced to choose. If you are that person, please come get me and your Juno-bug I will forever be.

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