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Hello, my name is Katja & Stinky!


More about me

Male-Female (Small). Domestic. Young-adult - DOB: 2015, 2016.

Shelter: Marais (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Leigh-Anne’s landlord moved and just left these two babies behind, so Leigh-Anne took them in and cared for them.  The problem is that she is leaving for the UK in a couple of weeks and is unable to take them with, so she is looking for a proper forever home for them.


Katja is the Tuxedo male.  He is just over a year old.  He was given to my landlady as a kitten and pretty much came to visit and had the occasional sleep over from day one.  As he got older, he eventually spent more time with us and pretty much moved in.  He is very sweet…a gentle boy who loves cuddles.  He can be a bit skittish at times, but this is on the odd occasion…generally, he is playful and loving.  He won’t really sit on your lap, but sleeps at my feet every night.  He’s also a bit of a hunter…cockroaches and once a lttle bird.  He is my “baby” and we are very attached to each other, so as you can imagine, finding him a loving home is important for me.


Stinky is a Calico female.  I’m not sure of her age, but am guessing that she is between 2 and 5 years old.  She is very sweet and quite independent.  She likes sitting on your lap and kneading.  She is extremely playful and will play with anything that she can find (even a little pebble or feather).  She is a bit of a hunter and has brought me a couple of small birds.  She is very good and is house trained.


These two are very attached and will need to be homed together please.  They will both be sterilised, tested and vaccinated prior to rehoming.