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Hello, my name is LADY!


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Jimmy, Nico Badenhorst

More about me

Female (Medium). Terrier Blend. adult (DOB: March 2010).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

Lang Leav: “She was the book that was not written. The sentence that was not scripted.
She was the word you wished you could have said.” She was Lady.

Every young female has heard the saying at least once in her life – “act like a lady”! But what exactly does that mean? Let me explain by describing our Lady, a beautiful chocolate brown beauty who is the epitome of everything that a lady should be.

Lady is all about elegance. She has a dignified grace in her appearance, the way she moves and in her behaviour. She possesses the quality to be graceful amidst any challenge thrown her way and has a measure of composure which allows her to carry herself with quiet confidence, an air of sophistication, mystery and a softness that always surrounds her. She also has the courage to live unapologetically with an unwavering tenacity and has the intelligence to match.

In loving her, you will only find a deep sense of satisfaction and inner joy. Because Lady is the best, she tends to bring out this quality in you too. She is not the youngest but she is also not the oldest and has an abundance of energy when the occasion calls. Being the lady she is, she plays well with other furries and prefers her gentlemen callers to not be too forceful in their approach. She adores human company, cuddles and alone time with the one she claims as her own.

With these ladylike qualities, she certainly is a catch in a million and one you should not let slip through your fingers. So if you are looking to fill that piece of your heart that has been looking for the perfect Lady, we say your search is over!

 Lady-2 Lady-3 copy Lady-3 Lady-7

I am good with:

dogs, cats, domestics