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Hello, my name is Leah!


More about me

Female (Medium). Africanis. Young-adult - DOB: 2013.
I am good with:

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Last week, Leah, as I named her as she apparently was nameless, came into my life. Her names means “weary” in Hebrew, but another meaning is “Gazelle” and “Beautiful and Graceful” which sums her up perfectly as she came into my life as a weary hopeless sad girl, but with just a little care and attention bloomed into a beautiful and graceful “gazelle”.  Any how, Leah followed one of our production workers to work.  She spent the whole day at work following this particular man like a shadow and when it was time to go home, she was thrown with stones and bricks and curled up into a small little hopelessly sad bundle in the rain against a wall, alone and unwanted.


My blood boiled as I scooped her up and loaded her into my car with her tail wagging profusely while she wetted herself.


Upon questioning the worker the next day I was told she belonged to a neighbor of his in the informal settlement he lives in, who does not want her back.  In my opinion it was his own dog.


She is healthy, just filthy and as I gave her a bath at home I was surprised to feel that she is sterilized.  I estimate her age as +- 2 years, she is extremely loving towards people (physically holds and hugs you with her front legs when she stands up against you or when picked up), craves love, and not as much as one growl towards any of my own dogs and rescues.  Problem is, the dogs in my care are all small breed and most of them very old and frail, and because she is medium to large in size, I need to keep them separated and my space at home is very limited.  She has been living in a very small enclosure the past week and it is not fair to her any longer.  She needs space to move around. Furthermore to this, not being a registered NPO with foster homes in place or a physical shelter (I care for all my rescues from my own private home), I simply do not have the means (meaning space and finances) to care for her while searching for a new home.


I’ve been in contact with every possible pro-life shelter during this past week, but very disappointingly, have been shown away by each of them due to being full and not being able to take on one more rescue.


As always the AACL and SPCA rised to the occasion and are very helpfull and willing to assist and take her in, but the the risks to that is obvious as AACL and SPCA are also overflowing with rescued homeless and unwanted animals and therefor very sadly cannot keep an animal for an unlimited period.


Is there anyone out there willing to take beautiful Leah in to foster while I search for a loving home for her or better still, is there anyone out there willing to adopt her?


There is NO adoption fee payable, but a homecheck does apply.