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Hello, my name is LENNOX!

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Tara Langdon

More about me

Male (Medium). Sharpei Blend. Adult - DOB: January 2013.
I am good with:
Dogs, Cats, Children, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

Lennox is a very sweet and very handsome boy, he has so much character with his little quirks and the way he ‘talks back’ without using his words.  He is still a young kid and really enjoys doing a couple of zoomies when there’s excitement in the environment.   He is very playful towards other animals, and sometimes have to be reminded to take a bit of a break so that everyone can catch their breath.

He is very responsive to guidance from his hoomans, he is a very sensitive soul and will not handle any punishment well however, thrives on positive reinforcement.   Lennox takes a while to warm up to people, and during that phase he might seem wary and distant.   He is not a cuddle bug but he enjoys gentle touches and rubs.   Lennox really loves his food, and he is not comfortable with sharing it.

Pets will have to be kept separate during meal times, bowls picked up and no treats should be lying around.   Over all, Lennox is very healthy but can loose weight quickly, he will have to be on a good quality diet, currently he is doing really well on Montego Karoo.  He really enjoys learning new things and will probably spend most of his time in a shady spot in the garden.

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