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Hello, my name is LOLA!


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Shaun Steenkamp, tracy mcquarrie, Elanza Kloppers, Riaan Pietersen

More about me

Female (Medium). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: 2008.
I am good with:
Dogs, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

My name is Lola and I am one of the “newbies” at this awesome place called DogtownSA. I have to admit this place is changing my life and I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. My journey has been very bumpy and many times rather frightening. I came from another rescue centre that tried their best to help me but had limited facilities available. Lucky for me, though, they were able to find me a place at DogtownSA. When I arrived I went into a small little run with a garden and a lovely comfortable place to sleep with lots of blankets so I could snuggle right inside and feel really safe and secure. You see I still feel rather nervous of the outside world but I am learning every day that I don’t have to be fearful any more. I get really yummy food and can walk in and around my little garden when I like and I have a lovely hounder to lie on as well. It is so comfortable and I love rolling on my back on this and kicking my legs in the air. Every day I have some super carers who come and sit and talk to me. First it was through the fence cos in the beginning I did not want to come to close and was rather apprehensive of what might happen but I have realized that they don’t mind if I come out or just sit at the front of my igloo. They are very patient with me. When I do come out they are so pleased and smile a lot at me. It makes me feel very special and I am getting more used to them and have even let them touch me. Each day I watch the other furkids go up and down past my run and they always come back so happy and one of them told me it is because they have been for long walks outside and on some days get to go to a big play area where they can run around off lead.
That will be the next step for me but my carers are letting me go at my own pace as I still need to get used to everything going on around me. Although I am not ready just yet to leave this marvelous place, I have a dream that in the not too distant future I will find love and friendship at my very own forever home where I can give back all the love and affection I have been so lucky to get at this very special hotel.

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