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Hello, my name is Mathilda & Saartjie!


More about me

Male-Female (Small). Domestic. Under-1 - DOB: June & December 2016 .

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 082 806 0042

The owner of these kitties was going to take them to be pts’d tomorrow, as they are relocating for work and are unable to take the with….they are working on site and not allowed cats in the house.  She has tried all avenues to try find a good home for her cats, with no success and was absolutely devastated.  Connie has taken them in to give them a lifeline, but doesn’t really have the space at the moment, so we are desperately looking for a foster or forever home for these furangels, please.

Matilda is the mother cat.  She is a VERY loving cat.  Not that child friendly, but will tolerate them (she was my cat so only bonded with me).  She has a kind and gentle personality and loves to lie on my lap while I watch tv at night.  She was sterilized after her kittens were born….she had four, but only two survived.  She was vaccinated when she was sterilised.  She was 4-months-old when she fell pregnant…I was waiting for her to turn 6-months-old so that I could sterilise her.




Saartjie is Jan’s sister.  She is not very playful with people, but loves her brother and loves playing with him.  She is quiet and does not socialise easily with strangers.  She is very verbal, especially at feeding time.  She is also steramong humans easily outside our family. Like to talk especially when its feeding time.  She was also sterilised and vaccinated at three and a half months.


All three of my cats are not very easy when it comes to dogs.  They all have totally different personalities.  They love treats like polony and biltong.  They prefer their pellets to meat and don’t like mince at all.

Should you like more information on these kitties, please contact Connie on 082 806 0042