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Hello, my name is MATHILDA!

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Gwenda Cloete, Melissa Whitwam, Darren Fresco, Rob, Tami and Jayden Sussman

More about me

Female (Medium). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: 2014.

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong
Under the shade of a coolibah tree,
He sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
He sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled,
you’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me

Hiya all your peeps out there, my name is Matilda and I thought I would share the words of this song with you. My carer sings this to me when she is walking me to the large play area when I am able to run around and go in and out of the bushes, drink from the great big water bowl and generally have the bestest time ever. We play hide and seek, find treats and then sit and chill – which is such fun. I have to admit though I don’t really do a good “waltz” but I prance and dance around in my own fashion .

I am learning to keep all my steps on the ground but still get a weeeee bit over-enthusiastic. Really I am trying and I know I will get it right very soon. I am very lucky as my carer is very patient with me and the minute I calm down and get my feet sorted she gives me special yummy treats. I am also getting much quicker at my recalls and she gets so pleased with me and then I get even more treats.   You see I am so happy to have been able to come to this exclusive five star hotel and I just want to jump for joy to make sure everyone can see how healthy and “pretty” I am now .

My life before Dogtown was miserable and often scary so to be safe and have a nice full tummy every day is just awesome.    Apart from my carer there are also suuuper duuuper volunteers who come regularly and spend time with me in my run and give such wonderful cuddles and massages whilst sitting with me on my hound sleeper. They are so kind because they let me snuggle into their laps and doze in the warm sun.   It is absolute heaven.   I just pray that they will stay as long as possible so I give lots of kisses when they start getting ready to go hoping to persuade them to stay a few minutes longer.

Honestly, even though I am really happy and sooo well cared for I still have a dream that I wish will come true. I would so dearly love to have a family of my own who I can spend every day and night with and we can walk, play, cuddle and relax –whatever you want to do. I will be your “one and only” furgal and be at your side always. If you want to go jogging in the mornings, or just go for a long walk I will be ready to go any time you want.   I will spur you on if you start to feel a little tired but if you just wake up and want to spend the day relaxing and taking it easy – I am your “gal”. I will listen to all your stories, laugh at all your jokes and, if you ever get sad, lick away your tears.   So please come by and see me and make my dream come true. All my paws are crossed that you will fall in love with me and want me to live with you and your family forever.

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