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Hello, my name is Mika & Smiggle!


More about me

Female (Large). Labrador. Senior - DOB: 2008.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Mika is a very loving, mild mannered lady who enjoys going for a swim in our pool in summer time and enjoys her food! She is amazing with strangers (children, domestic workers and family alike) and is simply a beautiful dog to look at. She loves it when you rub her tummy with your foot and will make herself quite comfortable on the floor on her back while you do this…who wouldn’t love this kind of attention! She tends to bark at things like birds (hadidas entering our backyard) and cats. Other than that, she is not a dog that is phased by too many things. Love and food is all she really wants.  Mika is 10 years young, vaccinated & dewormed.  She walks well on a leash.

20180716_160855  MikaSmigg

Smiggle is a very unique character, often a bit stubborn, but so lovable. He is very energetic and spirited for his age (he is 12 years old) – a real boy! He hates taking a bath, but calms down a lot when you put a muzzle on him – no problem. We always feel safe with him around, knowing that he will no doubt protect us from intruders. No health issues whatsoever. Tends to dig a few holes when there’s a mole or mouse around. Lastly, he can be a real drama ‘king': It has happened in the past that we arrive back from holiday (being away for 3 weeks) and he will set the stage with a limp / hurt leg. After taking him to the vet two years in a row, we have now established it is merely an attention-seeking technique…there was absolutely nothing wrong with him! We really love the old boy to bits, though.  He is sterilized & dewormed.  His vaccinations will be updated before homing.

20180716_154115  MikaSmigg1


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