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Hello, my name is Milo!


More about me

Male (Small). Domestic. Adult - DOB: September 2011.

Shelter: (Western-Cape)

His mom will leave the country at the end of October 2018 and we would like him to get a home as soon as possible so that he does not get stressed out when they start to pack up the household.
Born around Sept 2011
Not chipped but we can chip him before he goes to his new home
Ginger and White Male with Long Hair
Fully dewormed and vaccinated on the 15th of August 2018
Test positive for Feline Aids in October 2017.
He is still healthy but is going for a dental next Friday to have 2 teeth extracted to make sure his new family won’t have to struggle with anything.
Milo’s personality as described by his mom:
He got along very well with the family’s 2 miniature Dachshunds – he was sleeping with them etc.  Although he loves people he seems a little bit wary of small kids but will tolerate them petting him but will then run away when he had enough.
He gets along well with the family cats and they do sleep together on the bed.
Milo is not overly affectionate with people he doesn’t know.
He loves being brushed and if you show him the brush he’ll jump up. 
He loves sitting/lying with us, favourite place is also on top of decoder and a spot in my art room.
He doesn’t enjoy too much petting, it has to be on his terms i.e when he feels like it and he sort of head bumps you when he is interested or he reaches out with his paw.
He is a relaxed cat, will run away when annoyed and doesn’t scratch at all.
He never scratches out of annoyance etc and isn’t rough with the other kitties at all. They all play very nicely together.
He is a bit spoilt, I buy him pastrami and he will sit around the fridge when he wants some or a bit of cheese. 
Because he grew up with the dogs he sometimes acts like them. He comes to greet you or will wait patiently at times in the driveway. He likes to lie in a spot where he can see outside. 
He is a quiet cat, doesn’t talk much and has a small meow but he purrs like a cheetah!💕
He enjoys young adults and teenagers.
He has never been exposed to big dogs so they have no idea how he will react when he meets one.  He’s just a big old furball.
Should someone be interested to give Milo his retirement home then they can contact me directly at  The potential adopter will have to complete an adoption application and a home check will form part of the adoption approval.