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Hello, my name is Mojo & Tai!


More about me

Male (Small). Jack russell. Senior - DOB: 2008.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Mojo & Tai are 9 year old Jack Russels. They are brothers and have been together their entire lives.  They are sterilised, vaccinated & dewormed.
Tai is gentle and sweet who enjoys a good cuddle. Mojo is more energetic and enjoys running and playing and he loves having his tummy tickled.
They are both well behaved and don’t damage property or dig up the garden. They are house trained but enjoy spending time out in the garden.
They have grown up with my 2 young children who are now 5 & 2. They are very patient with my children and enjoy running around with them outside but won’t cope well with kid’s who are rough or too forceful.
We had a cat and they were mostly ok with him but they did sometimes chase and corner him for fun so I wouldn’t suggest a home with a cat.
They get along with older dogs but don’t like young dogs/puppies.
They love attention and spending time with us but they also good at keeping each other company while we are at work.

They are being homed due to emigration.

They are obedience trained & walk well on a leash.  They are to be homed together.