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Hello, my name is Nika & Leo!


More about me

Male-Female (Medium). Africanis. Puppy - DOB: 2016.
I am good with:
Dogs, Cats, Birds, Horses, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Nog N Kans (Western-Cape)
Tel: 072 397 8761

I URGENTLY need help with these two puppies. These are pics of the two (brother and sister) taken on the day I rescued them from an horrific life of physical and emotional suffering three weeks ago.


They were skeletal, had mange, were worm infested and full of ticks and fleas and to top it all had terrible ear infections. Worst of all, they were emotionless and would make a puddle for any sudden movement or unexpected sound.


I have treated their mange, dewormed them, had their ear infections treated, de-flea’d them, fed them, and worked with them extensively within our family home to make them gain trust in humans again.


With their hair growing back rapidly and them feeling so much better and healthier, they are now two beautiful lively little dogs of approximately 3 – 4 months old with tails that does not stop wagging.


However, they are talkative little dogs and am going to land me and my shelter (that I run from my own private home) in trouble as they go crazy when hearing any bag or bowl that might make them think it’s feeding time, which is quite normal for animals that have been starved since birth. This will tone down in time as they realise their food resources is not going to run dry anytime soon.


Another huge problem is that they are growing quickly and are going to be medium to large breed dogs and I do not have the space of facilities to keep them.


Is there any pro-life shelter in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town that have a space open to take in these two babies and continue to show them love and care until they can be permanently homed to a loving safe forever home?


This is a matter of urgency.
Alternatively, if there is anyone out there that would want to meet Nika and Leo with the possibility of adopting them, please what’s app Annarina of Nog ‘n Kans./Another Chance. on 072 397 8761 or e-mail me at