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Hello, my name is Nina!


More about me

Female (Small). Domestic. Adult - DOB: September 2010.

Shelter: TEARS (Western-Cape)
Tel: 083 384 7391

Meet NINA, a Joburg rescue born in September 2010.  Originally abandoned by her mom and rescued by my hairdresser, she took to me as a baby, to the extent that the hairdresser gave her to me.


She is not a cuddly girl:  she will snuggle strictly on her terms, and she doesn’t like to be petted – just to be in your presence is enough.


She is on a “lite” diet, since her shape tends to voluptuous; but she is not obese:  I am very particular about that!  She enjoys a short brushing, or a head and back stroking while she eats, but will growl when she has had enough.


When I brought her home it was to a cat family of a very old girl and two fellows a bit older than she:  the old girl died, and one of the boys was run over: she and Timmy became best buds.  Then Chloe joined the family, and for a year or so, all was good.  But Miss Chloe has become very possessive of me, to the extent that she bullies Nina.  Nina comes home for her meals, and in winter sleeps with me (and the other two), but most of the time she is elsewhere in the area, away from Chloe’s harassment.


As much as it pains me to let her go, the situation is not getting any better, and I feel she will be much happier in another loving environment, preferably where she is the only child.  At least, initially – she may well take to another fur-child in time.


She will need a new parent who will be patient with her, not try to handle her unless she approaches; someone who wants a companion but not a snuggle-bug.  I believe she will mellow if she is the only child, where she can arrange things on her terms, without competition from any other fur-kids.  She will also not readily take to children, unless they are quiet, move slowly and gently and are very patient with her.


Getting to meet her is best done at dinner time (between 16h00 and 18h00):  she is not much around in between!

If you would like more information or to meet Nina, please contact her Mom, Adrienne Molyneux, on 083 384 7391


Adoption will be done through TEARS, home checks will apply.