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Hello, my name is Noupoort Pups!


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Male-Female (Medium). Africanis. Under-1 - DOB: 2018.

Shelter: C.S.I (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

Today … a  young girl came to report that her 20 yr old brother had beaten their puppies with a shovel!

So I went to their home, where the mom of the dude (who had run away after his vicious deed), wasn’t at all happy that her son may be in trouble with the law. (CSI’s opinion – more upset about the possible consequences of his deed, than the actual deed itself!). The 3 pups in question, are now with me, but need homes asap AS I HAVE NO MORE SPACE! (I already have 50 dogs in my care, and our neighbour is a Guest House for whom noise levels are obviously an issue).

I couldn’t leave them there after what had happened. They were in shock at the time, one couldn’t stand, another was bleeding from the nose. They eventually ate some food after realizing they were in safe hands. Sadly there are still 2 adult dogs there that need to be removed and find new homes … but I have nowhere to put them! They are not in immediate danger – the pups were beaten because they came inside the house and pooped … but the adult dogs do not enter the house. They are unwanted by the home owner though.

Now yes we know, A LOT can (and will) be said about this story, both on the animal welfare front as well as the human welfare front. But the immediate reason for this mail, is to find these pups homes, as well as the 2 adult dogs that still remain at this home and could not be removed because there simply is no place or space to remove them to.  Awaiting more detail on the 2 adult dogs, one male and one female.

Pleeeeaazzzee help us share this plea in the hope that we can get these 5 dogs to safety and into loving homes.

Contact 072 1762 175 or