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Hello, my name is PICASSO!


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Male (Medium). Terrier Blend. adult (DOB: May 2016).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Hello hello hello are you peeps ready out there to meet ME, Picasso, the most awesome young furkid ever!!!!!! You see I feel quite honoured to have been given such a famous name like Picasso and really hope I can live up to this honour.

I arrived from Somerset West just a month ago and literally have landed with “my you know what” in the butter!!!   I must admit that when I travelled in this HUGE big machine that flew in the air above the clouds I wondered what on earth was happening to me and where I was going to end up. To my complete surprise and total relief when I landed, I was greeted by just about the bestest person ever and was carried in my crate to a rather snazzy vehicle with pictures of furkids on the sides.   We drove for quite a long time and when the door was opened up again I heard the same comforting voice talking to me. This person took me into a special run with a big igloo and lots of warm blankets and best of all – a huge big bowl of food. I have to admit after such a long day I was rather hungry and quickly started sampling the food. Gosh it was yummy and then a bit later I was given biscuits and a hoof with peanut butter inside. Talk about 5 Star treatment !!! My igloo had lots of blankets inside and there were toys for me to play with and balls – which I love.   But I was so tired that I snuggled under the covers and fell fast asleep.

When I woke up in the morning I pinched myself quickly to make sure I was not dreaming and that I was still in this awesome place.   Then after a short time this special person returned and put me back into the snazzy vehicle and off we went again.   Soon we arrived at this place that is known as the New Dogtown and boy oh boy – this is quite the most A M A Z I N G place I have ever been to.

I was taken up to a super duper Octagon and into a garden with a house and all the “goodies” I could wish for. I also had this thing called a hound sleeper in my garden and this is one of the best outside beds ever.   I love it and spend a lot of time lying on it and relaxing in the warm sun.   I also like to play on it with my toys and roll around on my back on it.   I have to be careful sometimes cos I get so carried away rolling around that I fall off but that makes me laugh and it makes my special carer laugh as well. Then they come in and play with me and give me lots of cuddles and treats.   They throw the ball for me and I run off as fast as I can to fetch it and bring it back.   If I bring it to them at the hound sleeper I get a treat and then the ball is thrown again.

I get even more treats when I sit and wait calmly or even lie down but I still get excited rather fast, so am learning to try and take a breath before charging off again for my ball.   My carer is helping to teach me to refine my manners and to remain calm at times when I just want to jump up and down with joy.   I have a lot of energy and wish I could persuade my carer to spend all day with me but I know they can’t cos they also need to spend time with the other furkids around me. I am hoping that soon I may have a furry friend of my own but realise I must work on my manners a wee bit longer.   When I am chilling during the day I just love to lie on my back on my hound sleep with my legs in the air.   That also makes my carer laugh but it is sooooo comfortable and I just have the most amazing view of this mountain that we are living on.

The other great delight that I have regularly is when my carer comes into the run with a lead and harness, puts it on and takes me out.   I get to go on brilliant walks up and down the mountain on these special trials that have been made for all us furkids. I can stop to sniff and smell all the pee mails on the way and investigate bushes and shrubs and, best of all, leave my messages for the other furries. When we go down some of the paths I try to be on my best behaviour and not to pull her too much because it is a bit slippery and you can fall if you slide on some of the rocks. My carer is helping me to improve my manners and as this daily routine of walks continues I am learning to keep my paws on the ground and sit patiently whilst my harness is put on. When I get this right I get really special treats and also when I sit and lie down and come when called.   So guess what – I am learning fast cos the treats are just “to die for doll”.

Yet even though I am truly happy and so well taken care of I do have one wish and I hope that as I am refining my manners and skills that I will soon be able to have my own family who will love and care for me forever.   I promise to make you so very proud of me and will show off all my skills that I have learnt at Dogtown and in return will lavish all my love and affection on you every single minute of every single day.

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