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Hello, my name is RICKY!


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Linda Wilson, Adam Van Zyl, Magda Oosthuysen

More about me

Male (Small). Terrier Blend. Senior - DOB: 2005.
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Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

Hiya all you great furkid lovers, it’s me the magical, debonair, one and only Tricky Ricky :)

Why tricky I hear you ask ?. Simple ! I can get anyone at anytime to give me a treat by just giving a nod or a little swagger of my cute little ……um, er, well my cute little rear end !   I know I’m a little short in stature but I’m larger than life when it comes to charm and charisma. Oh, and modesty is not a weak point for me either. Heh heh.

I came to live at Dogtown early in 2013, the details are not that important now, saFe to say that there are some humans out there who shouldn’t be allowed to own a rubber ducky let alone an adorable loving fur-kid ! I was about eight years old at the time and although I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis the fur-gents here didn’t stand a chance when I turned on my charm with the fur-gals whom would all swoon when I passed them bye -there goes that modesty thing again.

Well now I’m one of the grand elders here at Doggy Utopia. Hey, hey none of that “ag shame” nonsense. I’m still very active although I do creak a little when I move around and even though I ain’t that quick anymore I’m still regarded as quite a catch by many of the fur-grannies – just ask Wendy, my kennel chum, for any references :) I spend a lot of my time now just chilling and watching the comings and goings around the centre. Of course I readily offer advice to the younger fur-guys on how to be cool and woo the fur-gals. This is usually done quite inconspicuously when we are out walking and generally socialising with each other.

My caregivers here, all really great peeps, certainly know how to spoil me and I really enjoy lying in their laps while they give me a cuddle and a message – something they call Ttouch. Although I must confess, I sometimes have to give them a gentle “friendly reminder” if they get to enthusiastic on some of my sensitive areas.

They have also taught me the finer points concerning how I should conduct myself and behave at all times – a bit like finishing school heh heh. But I know these are important lessons to be learnt if I’m are going to get my own forever home.

Talking of which, I would really like to live with a more mature family that understands the hardships that accompany furries of advanced years. Of course if they could also continue with my regular sessions of “tickle touch” or Ttouch as my caregivers would prefer I call it, then a very contented “furry oupa” I would be. :)

Ricky & Wendy-6 IMG_6774 IMG_6805