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Hello, my name is ROCKY!


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Adam Van Zyl, Diana Robson, Tania Stolarczyk, Paul Bull and Samantha Brown, Samantha Brown

More about me

Male (Medium). Terrier Blend. Senior - DOB: 2003.

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

Hi there guys my name is ROCKY. No not the boxer from the movies but a more handsome and impressive boytjie who, from the first moment you meet, all you want to do is give me oodles of cuddles and play games with me. You see, just like the boxer, I learnt that life gives you lots of challenges and they can be real tough. So I’m gonna tell you a few things about my life and what I have learnt since I came to this “real beaut of a place called DogtownSA”. You are goin’ to be reeeal jealous of what special treatment my carers have given me and how well they care for me.
Unfortunately, I lost out on a lot of things at the beginning of my life and just like Rocky Balboa learnt that the world “ ain’t all sunshine and rainbows” it can be a mean and nasty place. Some scary mean dogs attacked me and hurt me real bad so I ended up in quite a state but lucky for me, my then “human” knew I needed some special care. He had heard of this unique 5-Star hotel that would take care of dudes like me. I was rather scared at first, so put on my brave face and even tried to look a bit scary and kept telling myself that I would be okay and things were going to change for me. Well guys, for once I was right. Quickly I found out that my fears were totally unfounded as the DogtownSA family took me in and treated me better that I had ever dreamed was possible.
I was given my own garden to live in and had lots of people coming to see me and give me yummy treats and as if that wasn’t enough also take me for regular long walks. On some days I go to the play area and can run around without a lead and spend time sniffing in the bushes, playing ball with my handlers and have the bestest fun imaginable. I have been at Dogtownsa for quite some time and was hoping that maybe one of yous really good guys out there would be able to sponsor my stay and help keep me and support all these great carers at this hotel to continue to make sure dudes like me have a safe place to call home.

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