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Hello, my name is Rosie!


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Female (Small). Fox terrier. Senior - DOB: 2006/2008.

Shelter: C.S.I (Eastern-Cape)
Tel: 072 1762 175

This little old gal (weighing in at 6kg) was roaming the street and had apparently been sleeping in the

Grave Yard for the last year. Not sure if she was dumped, or has so-called owners somewhere who

just couldn’t care.

She could be taken off the street BECAUSE A FOSTER STEPPED UP – THANK YOU TO Sandi  for offering

to take this old lady into your care.

She was spayed, 5 tumours (non-threatening) removed, plus 18 teeth extracted – she was in horrible

condition, but will be feeling much better soon. Her age is estimated between 10 and 12.

If you can offer this little one a retirement home to live out her life in comfort (as it should be), please

Contact us on 072 1762 175 or