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Hello, my name is Sarah, Forest and Comfrey!


More about me

Male-Female (Small). Domestic. Under-1 - DOB: 2017.

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 0767692992

Free to good homes! 

Yes, you read that right! 

Our cats and kittens are free, the fee you pay is to cover their de-worming, sterilization and first vaccination and it’s a reduced price for which we are very grateful to our vet. Good homes? Yes, we will do a home check to make sure the home is suitable for the cat and you are not a psycho that wants a cat for all the wrong reasons. But our cats are free! Our cats are rescued, not bred on purpose or by accident because we were irresponsible owners and did not fix our cat on time or had no intentions of doing it. Why do we say all this? Just yesterday we witnessed how 3 free kittens found homes in no time. And if that person had 15 more, they would be having homes too. Why? Because they were for free! A cute free kitten makes people take impulsive decisions! And then what? Only a small percentage of those free kittens will be really taken care of and sterilised, the rest will be neglected or let to breed because you know, kittens are cute! And you know how fast free kittens find homes so why not have some? We have cats who are with us for over a year simply because they do not have the label “Free”.
We really wish people would understand the importance of sterilizing their pets and not support the ” free”! In this post we are going to add pictures of 3 of the last cats we advertised. Believe it or not no matter how gorgeous they are, they are still looking for their homes! Sarah, Forest and Comfrey are for FREE, you will only pay for de-worming, vaccination and sterilization! They are rescued and they have beautiful personalities and we do believe they will find their perfect forever homes! 

If you would like to adopt any of them, please inbox Helping Paws or contact Iva on 0767692992 

Adoption fees and rules apply!!!!

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