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Female (Large). Africanis. Adult - DOB: unknown .

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Doing a shout-out today for these 2 girls, who like so many other, has been in kennels going on 3 years.
(plus a little ranting …)
Courtney, who does the almost humanly impossible in Noupoort with regards to trying to help, sterilise and 
save the lives of as many dogs and cats as she  possibly can, is sitting with approx. 40 dogs in need of homes. 
Adoption rate is almost non-existent, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to help or take in any more 
dogs, with dogs spending on average 2 – 4 years before being adopted, and many that will probably live out their lives
in the shelter. Also note that this is not per say a “shelter” in the sense of images you may conjure up about
what you will find in cities etc. It is merely camps/runs with kennels that Courtney has constructed in her own
back yard, in order to save as many as she can. 
Although not as perfect as a very own home, all these doggies get 5 star treatment compared to the circumstances
they were rescued from. Almost daily Courtney takes in sick or injured dogs into her own home, nurse them back
to health and then return them to their owners. Often there are outcries on social media when a dog gets returned
to a former owner where the home is not what we would like it to be, often ‘DEMANDS’ to remove the dog, often
reproach towards us of “how could you take it back”, often demands to remove it and rather have it killed. Never
offers to foster or adopt from these very same people. The reality is that we will be removing and murdering literally hundreds
if not thousands of dogs (because they will not be adopted), and if THAT was the end of it, there might still be an argument for,
BUT ….  ONLY to be replaced by new ones suffering the same fate,  as let’s be honest – which courts and law enforcements are 
going to enforce and police this? In too many cases it is dogs of “law enforcement officers” that we would prefer to remove from 
their circumstances.
Most rescuers are already bending backwards trying to do the best they can in every individual situation, suffers from
constant and severe stress when their phone rings, knowing that they cannot POSSIBLY squeeze in another abandoned
furry, yet they do, and then still often gets bombarded by “people who mean well”, but really ads no constructive criticism 
or solution to the problem at hand, except to make us feel even more miserable than we already are,  knowing that as much 
as we want to save every single dog and cat, and place them in 5 star homes, that is not the reality that we deal with daily. 
It is only because I know that people “mean well and speaks from a place of being concerned”, that keeps me from responding
with “Please feel free to start your own welfare organisation or rescue and rehoming endeavour, go into townships daily or 
weekly, where you personally will be able to save every single animal that crosses your path and whisk them off to green 
meadows where unicorns poop rainbows”.
And that said, I must really add that most all people on this mailing list are very understanding and supportive and above does not
apply to you. I am just putting it out there, so that maybe next time you see some of these comments on social media with regards
to any welfare org, you can maybe also enlighten the nay-sayers. 
And after this little “ranting”, I will most likely be losing a few friends again … 
To find out more about Scratch and Blackie or any of the many other rescue dogs in the care of Noupoort Animal Care (NAC),
Please contact 083 3389 527 or or 072 1762 175 or