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Hello, my name is Scruffy!


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Male (Medium). Africanis. Adult - DOB: unknown .
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Shelter: (Gauteng)

HI Guys. Please can I ask all of you to share me and my story so I can find a home. Since being rescued and having gotten to know the good life in my foster home, like having a warm and comfortable place to sleep at night, not having to worry about when my next meal will be, making friends and learning to play – I am desperate to find my family.

I love being with my foster parents and siblings -and although they have made me feel completely welcome and a part of their family – I know me staying with them is only temporary until I find my own home and seeing what they have makes me long for a family of my own.

Im a good boy with a soft, loving nature. I love other dogs but they must be social and make me feel welcome. I am nervous of dogs that are too boisterous around me.

Learning to live in the city and with a family has been quite an adjustment for me from being on my own in the desert for 2 years. Although I learn knew things everyday there are things that still frighten me and that I need to get used to.

For instance I don’t like big crowds. I find it very overwhelming and I don’t like lots of noise or strangers always in and out. I enjoy going in the car but not getting in or out of it. Ever since the day the ladies at PETS took me to get my manhood removed – Im always worried they taking me back to the vet! But if you put treats like chicken or vienna in the car I’ Il definitely climb in!

I travel very well in the car and don’t mess or get car sick. I held my wee for 12 hours coming back from Springbok! Now thats impressive. I also don’t mess in the house.

I would love a home that is peaceful and stable. Routine helps me adapt and feel settled more quickly. I have been on my own for so long and never known a loving hand. Now that I have it – I cant get enough and will follow you around like a shadow- just to make sure you don’t leave me again. If you do leave me – I might try escaping so I can find you but being that I don’t know the city – I will definitely get lost!

I also run like the wind (the guys who were feeding me said they clocked me at running 40km an hour – keeping up with their car). So I need a very, safe and secure home where there is no way I can go missing. I must not have access to the driveway at all!

Im extremely fit from my life in the desert and very street smart. One day I would love to try my paw at agility – I think I would be very good at it. But I need to gain my confidence first. Oh – and when Im very confident and settled – I would like to go to this thing I hear people talking about called a park where I can run and play!

I really want to to have another dog friend or two. I learn a lot from them and it helps me feel more confident and settled. And I love to play! My new mommy must work from home or be at home a lot as I don’t like being on my own. The ladies at PETS also say my home must have no small kids because I won’t be able to handle them having lots of friends over for play dates or lots of noise. I think they are right. I just want a quiet, peaceful home with lots of love, a friend or two to play with and my mommy around most of the time.

If you know of anyone who can offer me all of this and would like me to join their family please email my rescuers at PETS on