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Hello, my name is Simon!


More about me

Male (Medium). Mixed breed. Senior - DOB: 2005.

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (KwaZulu-Natal)
Tel: 0824683525

Meet Simon J

Now read his story:


Simon was rescued about 5 weeks ago as he was being attacked by a large dog in the street. He was so weak that he did not even try and defend himself. He lay on his back and simply allowed the other dog to attack him. My husband intervened and brought him home ( he was actually in tears). This dog was so weak , his hair had not been cut for years , his nails had not been clipped and he was in a state of severe neglect both physical and emotional . He just flopped on the ground and stared ahead. He was taken to a vet and cleaned up, there was no serious damage , Praise God.


He never wagged his tail , he never came near us ! I don’t think he knew much about human interaction. After about a week of loving him and patting him and talking to him he finally wagged his tail. It took him two weeks before he could wee like a man because he was just too weak. The vet could not neuter him as he said he is already about ten years old as has a heart murmur . He takes heart medication daily which costs about R80.00 a month.


I called him Simon cos he reminded me of Simple Simon not because he is simple but because of his humility and his gentle spirit. Quicha from Project Dog has been most helpful and Simon is also on her webpage (Choccie).  I know it is hard to home old dogs BUT I am not trying to just home an old dog. I am looking for a special family who will open their heart and their home to Simon for him to spend his last few years of retirement in a loving environment . He gets on well with other dogs and cats. He is so quiet, never barks and makes a noise and really just wants a bit of love and to give love. He has come such a long way from the terrified, weak and broken soul my husband brought home. You will love the way he walks with a little spring in his step


Will you help me give him a chance??????? You can make a difference!