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Hello, my name is Romeo & Leila!


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Male-Female (Medium). Terrier. Young-adult - DOB: 2014.

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Hello, our names are Romeo and Leila

Romeo and Leila were adopted by their current owners at the end of March 2016. The family is particularly fond of them due to their lovable personalities. They have been very helpful in resolving the fear of dogs which the one daughter has had as a result of a previous bad experience. In all the time Romeo and Leila have been with the family, they have been very good in and around the house – no digging in the garden, jumping on furniture or destroying personal property. They do have a fascination with doorstops, however – the doorstop is the only item which is not fully intact anymore. These adorable furries are also fully house trained.

Although Romeo and Leila are cross terriers, they definitely have a good dose of Skye Terrier in them. Skye Terriers are hunting dogs and therefore have loads of energy, which requires that they are kept in a large area where they can run and play freely. This is unfortunately not the set-up at the premises of their current owners, who live in a townhouse complex. They also require regular walks – Romeo and Leila are very playful and are BDFs (best doggy friends). Sadly, there has also been a change in the family’s daily routine with one of the owners, who previously worked from home, recently having accepted a permanent position. Romeo and Leila now have to spend the whole day on their own in the small garden space available.

Currently Romeo and Leila are taken for walks most evenings. When they arrived at their current family, they were very resistant to walk on a leash, but have since adapted and now look forward to these walks (or rather, sprints). “Walks” with Romeo and Leila require owners who can keep up with their energy.

Skye Terriers are fearless, agile chasers with lightning reflexes and should never be let-off leash unless in a safe, enclosed area. This is also true of Romeo and Leila. They are dominant with other dogs and should also not be trusted around children younger than 16 years old. Although Romeo and Leila have only displayed loyal and loving behaviour towards the current owner’s 9 year old twin girls, they have growled and barked at visiting friends of the twins, without having been provoked. This is probably the result of their somewhat suspicious nature (also a Skye Terrier trait), the suspected lack of proper socialization as puppies and/or their protectiveness over the twins. To date, they have not shown any aggressive behaviour towards adult visitors or employees of the household.

As a result of all the above, Romeo and Leila now need to find a new home. They require a patient owner(s) who is prepared to dedicate time and effort to training and socializing them. After they were evaluated by a behaviourist, she recommended that, due to their aggressiveness towards other dogs, they will have to be muzzled while being walked. She also stipulated that they could not be adopted by a family with children under the age of 16.

Currently Romeo and Leila are house dogs, sleeping on their own mattresses at night. They have both battled with skin allergy since their adoption, but have been placed on a Maxhealth diet. Romeo’s condition has been worse than Leila’s. At this stage, Leila’s problem seems to have been sorted out. They have also both been treated with cortisone and antibiotics by the family’s vet.

Both dogs are very intelligent and learn easily – Leila even tells one if she needs to go outside to do her business or if she is still hungry. She uses her paws in a very gentle way. Their current family firmly believes that they will bring much joy to a family where the above conditions can be met. Romeo and Leila’s owners also recommend that prospective adoptive parents read as much as possible about the breed in order to determine their suitability for their own family environment. They want to give the assurance that, whoever adopts them, will have life-long loyal furry friends.

Leila Romeo and Leila Romeo