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Hello, my name is SMIDGE!

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Carina de Villiers, Carina de Villiers

More about me

Male (Large). Ridgeback / Labrador blend. Young-adult - DOB: July 2016.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

IMG_1436Hiya all you “special” peeps out there – you will never guess what happened to my brother and I . Weeell there we were walking cautiously on an extremely busy road trying to find some food and shelter and most of all a safe place to stay for the night. We were quiet scared cos word on the streets was that the four wheeled thingies moving very fast and weaving in and out quite recklessly on the streets so we needed to be somewhere in the veld or out of sight when suddenly one of these thingies came alongside us. A couple of peeps got out and had some very yummy food in their hands and held them out for us to eat. Even though Smudge and I were rather wary of these folks the food smelt sooo yummy we couldn’t resist. These peeps gave us more and more and gently put leads around our necks and lifted us into the back of their big thingy and drove us to a very very safe place.   Boy oh boy we were so very lucky.   They put us in a garden with kennels and blankets and bowls of water and – guess what – MORE food.   This had definitely turned out to be the best day of our lives and to cap it all WE had arrived at the great place called DogtownSA.

We honestly are so lucky as we are being taken care of by very such kind carers and have regular walks together and on some days go to a big fenced off area where we run around off lead and jump in and out of this huge big water bowl!!! There is also a smaller one of these in our garden and I love to lie in it during the day when it is empty and rest my head on the shell rim taking my 40 winks or so whilst I build up my energy for the next round of games of the day.

I have to admit I love going out so much that when my carer comes in with the harness and lead to take Smudge and me out I forget my manners for a few seconds and jump about so much for joy.   But I am learning very fast that I must keep my paws on the ground and sit patiently. If I do that my carer puts the harness on and off we go out on our next adventure.   I am also learning to sit and lie down and come when called and when I do these exercises I get extra yummy treats.   The walks we go on are super because we are allowed to stop as much as we want and sniff all the amazing scents on the trails. You can’t believe just what information can be picked up from these smells and it is such fun following some of them as well.   My carer is very patient and lets me take as much time as I like.   On other days we have a special time together when she sits on the ground next to me and brushes me and tells me how handsome I am with this special ridge of fur that I have down my back

Yet even though I am truly happy and so well taken care of I do have one wish still.   That is to have my own family who will love and care for me forever. So if you have a furkid who needs a playful friend I would love to be that one. I promise to make you so very proud of me and will show off all my skills that I have learnt at Dogtown and in return will lavish all my love and affection on you every single minute of every single day.

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