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Hello, my name is Titan & Myla!


More about me

Male-Female (Large). Boxer. Adult - DOB: Approx ages 2 and a half (Titan) 1 and a half (Myla).
I am good with:

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

These are two beautiful and funny boxers with lovely personalities, Titan has a cheeky and lovable character he’s cuddly and adores children he loves being with people and is devoted to Myla who is around a year younger than him.

He takes care of her it’s very endearing. One day she was coughing and he went up to her and put his paw on her head I just wish I’d had a camera! He thoroughly enjoys a daily walk with Myla where my husband has trained them to walk on the lead and also to be let off where they have a good run and immediately come when you ask.

Myla is,such a sweet little girl she’s very pretty and loves cuddles as does Titan as I say they especially love children. Myla we noticed is a little nervous and needs a gentle touch she’s not keen on alot of commotion and although she,loves children she will often come to me for cuddles and reassurance. They are the most ideal pets and myself and my husband can honestly say they are the loveliest dogs we’ve ever been with! I say been with in as,much as we have lived with them for a year and a half we came over on a two year relative visa from the UK.

We have been living with family who sadly have moved home and it’s not possible for them to keep the dogs we are heartbroken as we would of had them but are not able to stay permanently in South Africa. I’ve been researching to find them the best home I can and am doing this research for my brother in law who is currently out of the country.

I came across your website and felt reassured so hence why I’m contacting you. Just some more information when my brother in law bought the dogs they kept them outside in a kennel with large grounds when we arrived a year and a half ago we lived adjacent in their cottage they grew to love us and,spent most of their time inside with us! Which they loved! So we do feel they would be happier being inside with people and having more human contact. Please can you help us? Anymore information I can provide incidentally my husband works in the UK as a firefighter and with animal rescue so he’s spent time training them on a leash and with behaviour we only wish we could stay and give them the loving home they deserve. It’s also very important they remain together they are devoted. Thankyou.

Also another point they are both house trained when we are at home but on going out they do go outside we have done this as that’s how they were originally raised. For the last month they have spent time in with us through the night but we do let them out for the toilet when they asked.